Skill Dairy

Skill Dairy is a dream initiative of Dairy guru Kuldeep Sharma to impart relevant knowledge required for setting up and running a dairy business. Entrepreneurship is a rare trait but aspired by everyone at one point or the other. Dairy entrepreneurship is a divine path to connect back to the roots and serve the farmers and mother earth.

Covid-19 has shown that packaged milk and milk products is the most resilient  business segment. There has been an upsurge in sales of Farm fresh milk in packed form as well as of all other dairy products by the organized sector during this period. The consumers are becoming more conscious about  health and well being of themselves as well as their families.

Skill dairy offers a step by step instruction on how to enter the dairy business with relevant downloadable templates, forms , manuals , designs, policy documents and research reports. All courses are divided in multiple modules. One may choose the module depending upon his or her  specific  requirements as per the stage of project.

Skill dairy also offers Live master classes for gaining initial level information to take the decision on whether or not to go for this business. Live master class conducted by Dairy guru Kuldeep Sharma takes everyone through the journey of aligning their why to enter into this business. Dairy guru ranks alignment of self identity with dairy business as the most important virtue  to be successful in this sector. Opportunities, demand  and resources are following this virtue.

The government of India has also announced a plethora of schemes in this sector. The schemes may not be applicable on all kinds of projects as well as scale but would cover a lot of them.

All courses are an outcome of over 30 years of hands on experience of Dairy guru and learning gained after interacting and mentoring over two thousand dairy entrepreneurship aspirants.