About Dairy Plant:

India produces close to 500 million lpd of milk and out of this around 90 million lpd of milk is processed by the organised sector. There are three categories of dairy plants namely liquid, products and composite dairy plants. India has total of around 150 millions lpd of milk processing facilities. Around two thirds of milk is sold as liquid milk and rest of the milk is processed as value added and other products. The total size of the market is close to Rs seven lakh crores. There is a huge quantity of milk available to be converted from unorganised to organised sector. This creates a huge scope of setting up milk processing plants for making value added products like market milk, curd, butter milk, lassi, cheese, paneer, ice creams , greek yogurt, flavoured milk , butter and ghee.

Course Description:

Month 0 – 1 :  Marketing

  • What is brand and Brand Identity ?.
  • What is marketing of Milk ?.
  • How to sell and distribute milk ?.
  • Role of Digital Marketing for milk marketing ?.

Course Curriculum

Total learning: 8 lessons Time: 4 weeks



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